In the late 1980's Training Providers first began submitting to the Federal US EPA for approval of their asbestos classes. Soon after Seagull received our Federal approvals, the states began requiring State accredited training reviewed and approved by each state. This is called accreditation. Today, most every state requires accredited training and licensing BEFORE working in the state. Please contact the specific state you will be working in for their licensing requirements before working there. If you work in a state where licensing is required and you are not licensed, you will be fined and penalized.

Where asbestos training providers received Federal approval, they will be listed on the US EPA site in the National Directory of AHERA Accredited Courses (NDAAC). Please click here for more on Federal Asbestos Approval and the NDAAC.

Some States will accept Seagull accreditation based on our Federal approval or we may be accredited by another authorized states approval. This is called reciprocity. Please contact whichever State you will be working in to check before applying for a State licence with a Seagull certificate. If the Seagull accreditation is not accepted in your particular state you may need to take a refresher by an approved traiing provider in that state, You can use youe Seagull accreditation to gain access to the approved providers refresher course. Contact the sState for a list of accredited providers. Click the link for a list of EPA Approved State Accredited Program Contacts.



The same is so for lead-based paint training except we began submitting for Federal approvals in 1995 and the States in 1996. The easiest way to look up a training provider is the US EPA website. This is your EPA link to Accredited Training Programs. This is your link to State contacts in Lead-based Paint.